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The Freedom Letter

The Glider Everyone Wants ~ From North Wing


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I have not been this excited about a new glider design in 30 years.


  No need to spend much time telling you how it gets unpacked, just that it's shipped short-packed with the aft LE’s removed to save on shipping costs. It took all of 5 min to re-install the aft leading edges, and you can't install them wrong; good job Kamron.


  Why was I so excited about receiving a single-surface glider? Since I have to hike up to the launch, having a light glider is a plus.

I have been flying the Easy and the Horizon all season because of their light weight and reasonable performance, both have unmatched sink rates in their class. High performance gliders are just too heavy, take way too long to set up and are not fun to fly, forget about landing the things.



  Another reason I stopped flying high performance gliders -- my LZ !   I land in my Flight Park which is 7 acres, but within this 7 acres is a 50 ft high training hill shaped like half a bowl. On one end of the bowl is a pond, the other end is a large metal building, (my shop), plus an old school bus, a 70 ft motor home used for glider storage and various mowing machines. If that isn't enough, my safety-conscious neighbor planted a row of very tall trees in front of and across my landing area creating nasty rotors.


  So, what does all this mean?  It means I have a tight place to land. The North East is known for windy, turbulent LZ’s. Thus, I fly lower performance gliders so I can land safely in my little LZ.  I was always one to fly the hottest high performance gliders and ridged wings.  I am now older and wiser so I was really enjoying the Horizon; it was light, it performed great, handled like a dream and could be landed with my eyes closed. The Freedom is something different. It's lighter, and very easy to fly, and no one else had one yet. So yes!  This glider was getting me real wet!


  Setting up the Freedom is like any other glider, but you will notice there are a lot of pads and bags. Some pilots don’t like a lot of these “things” as they are just more things to lose and to forget where they go.  I want all these pads and bags as I know my glider will last a long time because of them. The important ones are attached to the glider bag so you can’t forget them.


  Once you are past the hundreds of pads and spread the wings you notice the absence of a lower surface. This is a high aspect ratio single-surface glider.  Then you will notice the clean, simple, efficient hardware similar to the Airwave gliders used by many other manufacturers -- strong and beautiful stuff. Then, there they are, the curved tips, yes!. This beauty has curved tips just like a high performance glider but it is a single surface glider. Way cool.


  The Freedom sets up easy and quickly and you can not help but notice the flat look of this glider -- none of the billowy  twist of other single surface gliders, this baby looks tight, flat and fast! The Freedom  also has the highest aspect ratio of any single surface glider.


  So, who is this glider made for? Any hang II, III, IV, or V pilots, and certainly any "older" pilots like me, looking for a second glider that's easy, light, and inexpensive.  All my students are buying the Freedom and all my old time flying buddies are flying them as well.


  I just had to fly this baby!  Lucky for me the wind was North West two days in a row here in NY and I had this cool new toy to flail around the sky in.  I hiked up to my launch and really enjoyed it’s light weight.  Set up was quick, easy, and straight forward; what a beautiful glider to look at!.......continue to next page